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Tani Jubber Lake

The Tani Jubber Lake is a beautiful lake lying between lush green slopes on one side and red ripe apple orchards on the other with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. This lake at Thanedar is like a beautiful picture postcard. The Tani Jubber Lake is home to many beautiful birds and is a good place to pay a visit for any nature lover. Getting to the lake on foot promises to be a wonderful experience in itself and is a must try should you be game for a fascinating walk. The Tani Jubber Lakeside is also famous for the 'Nag Devta' temple in Thanedar, where many devotees offer prayers to the serpent god. In June, a fair is held at the Tani Jubber Lake in Thanedar at which local artisans and craftsmen display their work. The Tani Jubber Lake is 4 km from Thanedar and is quite easy to reach.--

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